Women’s Health

Women’s Health  deals with issues that may affect women. This includes pregnancy care, both pre and postnatal.  It can also include changes that occur with aging and menopause and may be related to pelvic internal surgery.  It may also involve incontinence or pelvic floor weakness or overactivity.  Leaking of urine is a common occurrence with both men and women’s and is usually due to some dysfunction in the pelvic area. This can occur with activities such as exercise, lifting, coughing or sneezing.   It can often be treated conservatively with great results and should not be left untreated.  It should not be accepted a part of life as it is not normal and the body is designed to be able to cope with the additional load without leakage.  Please ring and speak with our front desk staff in order to have an assessment with a physiotherapist with additional Women’s Health training and expertise.

Pelvic Health

Involves health in regards to pelvic pain, pelvic floor, nerve issues around the pelvis and groin.  

Women’s Health and Pelvic Health Links:

The Pregnancy Centre

Pelvic Floor First

Mandurah Physiotherapy has a Neotonus chair which uses magnetic waves to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles. This provides a non-invasive and non-surgical treatment of incontinence. This can be used for both male and female incontinence. Used in conjunction with the traditional exercises and education, this provides an effective method of pelvic floor treatment.

Further general information on the Neotonus Chair can be found by following this external link: Neotonus Chair    Please note visits on the chair are not bulk-billed but are rebatable via your private health fund.  We have a variety of physiotherapists who provide this assessment and service.

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