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Active Rehabilitation is essential for those recovering from musculoskeletal pain or injury. This may include those suffering with osteoporosis, arthritis, chronic back pain or surgery. It is also beneficial for those wishing to improve their technique or outcome with sports or physical activity.

Gentle controlled exercise designed specifically for you and your particular signs and symptoms are vital. This is where Mandurah Physiotherapy differs from the other exercise clubs. Our highly trained Exercise Personnel and Physiotherapists have experience in Clinical Pilates, Sports physiotherapy, personal training and rehabilitation. We will design a program which is specialised for your specific medical and musculoskeletal needs. And we will adapt it along the way to ensure your recovery and outcome is optimal and in the shortest time possible. We use a range of equipment for this including fit balls, strength machines, mats and Pilates equipment. At Mandurah Physiotherapy our on-site gym is available for independent usage by those who are very familiar with their training program. This is an ideal way to utilise our specialist equipment, much of which is unavailable in normal community gyms. Talk to our front desk staff for further details.

Group Sessions:
We believe in keeping our group sessions small and safe, and in a quiet environment to provide an alternative to the classic gym scene that can be intimidating.

Physio gym/pool Sessions:
These sessions are supervised by a physiotherapist and are rebatable from private health funds. This focuses on rehabilitation with a variety of conditions including injury rehabilitation, osteoporosis, arthritis, Back and neck Pain, medical conditions and general poor fitness.

Sessions are always tailored to individual needs, goals and medical history. After a check-up with the physiotherapist to best target your needs, you will join a small group of people at a time that is convenient for you. Your instructors will then go through your individual program with you and guide you through the program to better health and a more active lifestyle. This may include on-site pool work if required. All our gym/pool sessions are fun and enjoyable, but you do work hard. On your road to recovery from injury the physiotherapist uses specific exercise as an active step in your treatment plan. Your program can consist of any of the listed services or a mixture. The physiotherapist will monitor your progress and make alterations to your program as needed.

Independent gym/pool usage:
We open our gym and pool to independent sessions during the time these facilities are not utilised for group work. This is designed for clients who know their exercise program and need no supervision. We ensure all clients who will be training independently have a safe structured program designed for their needs.

Further details:
Fees vary for all our group and individual sessions. There are casual costs and discounts for 10 sessions paid up front. Contact our reception on 9535 7439 for further details on gym work. A disclaimer must be signed prior to entering our rehabilitation facilities. Happy exercising!


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