Studio Gym Mandurah


Studio Gym is specific rehabilitation exercise with a focus on individual exercise. It aims for full range with good core function with movement. It is ideal for those suffering with back or neck pain and needing rehabilitation in a safe environment to restore spinal range and function. It progresses through gentle to very strong exercises and can use a variety of equipment to assist with this. It is performed by physiotherapists who are qualified in this particular field.  At Mandurah Physiotherapy we have very highly qualified Studio Gym physiotherapists who teach both individual and class work.

Studio Gym is an exercise system that focuses on building strength without bulk, improving flexibility and helping to prevent injury. Studio Gym can help with back and neck pain as you gain control over small muscles which help to stabilise your spine, therefore, decreasing the load on the injured areas. Stretching tight areas and strengthening weak muscles help to align your body. This helps with injury prevention.  There is emphasis is on strengthening the abdominals, improving posture, stabilising and lengthening the spine, improving balance and overall strength. Studio Gym is taught by a physiotherapist with specific training in this area. It focuses on pain relief and regaining normal body flexibility and strength.

What is the difference between Studio Gym and Matwork Physio?

Studio Gym: This is individual instruction ideal for those clients who have back or neck issues and need careful controlled exercise under the supervision of a physiotherapist.  Private Health fund rebates are available.  Having individual instruction can be of great benefit to ensure correct muscles usage during activity or exercise.  Studio sessions We offer one on one training in a small group setting.  Normal Consultation fees apply.  These sessions last for 40-60 minutes and will be organised by your physiotherapist. Rebates are available for physiotherapy studio sessions.

Matwork Physio:  Ideal for those clients who no longer need controlled physiotherapy exercise and can push themselves a little more under the supervision of a rehabilitation therapist through a variety of mat work exercise.



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