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Mandurah Physiotherapy provides a range of services to restore function, reduce pain and rehabilitate to good health. 

We provide one-on-one physiotherapy and remedial massage consultations, as well as exercise rehabilitation services for the local community of Mandurah and surrounding districts of Pinjarra, Falcon, Dwellingup and Waroona.  Our rehabilitation services include Clinical Pilates Classes, physiotherapy rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy.  Our large on-site Gym and hydrotherapy pool supplies extensive rehabilitation equipment to retrain core stability, balance, strength and coordination.

Spinal Care
The vast majority of the population suffer spinal pain at some stage of their life. It is very common in our western lifestyle due to the large amounts of inactivity and sustained activities. The Staff at Mandurah Physiotherapy can show you ways to reduce your pain and suffering and also assist you with exercises to prevent or relieve it in the future.
Sports Injuries
We have specialists at Mandurah Physiotherapy who are qualified in treating complex sporting injuries at all levels. This may include bio-mechanical assessment of the specific injury or pre-season assessments to avoid injury. We also deal with children with growth pain and imbalances such as muscle tightness and flat feet. We can fit soft orthotics to assist in correcting bio-mechanical issues.
Manipulation is the process of mobilizing joints using a variety of hands on techniques. These can range from gentle rocking motions to solid thrusts creating a “click” in the joint. These can be greatly beneficial for stiff or locked joints and often provide immediate relief. Mandurah Physiotherapy provides this in a safe environment and these techniques are only performed by experienced practitioners.
Hydrotherapy or exercise in a warm pool is ideal for gentle rehabilitation for all types of rehabilitation following illness, surgery and injury. We provide this in our onsite swimex hydrotherapy pool with specific individual programs designed around your needs. Qualified Mandurah Physiotherapists are on hand to assist and guide through your exercises. Hydrotherapy can be done under supervision or independently once a program has been established.
Clinical Pilates
Clinical Pilates is specific rehabilitation exercise with a focus on core control. It aims for full range with good core function throughout range. It is ideal for those suffering with back or neck pain and needing rehabilitation in a safe environment to restore spinal range and function. It progresses through gentle to very strong exercises and can use a variety of equipment to assist. It is performed by physiotherapists who are qualified in this particular field. At Mandurah Physiotherapy we have very highly qualified clinical Pilates physiotherapists who teach both individual and class work.
Dry Needling is a a form of acupuncture and is a natural treatment of inserting small disposable sterile needles into the tissues to reduce pain, inflammation and speed up recovery. It is used as an adjunct to other physiotherapy treatment and has proven to be very successful. Dry Needling is performed at Mandurah Physiotherapy only by those of our experienced physiotherapists with extensive training.
Active Rehabilitation
Active Rehabilitation is essential for those recovering from muscle, bone or joint pain or injury. This may include those suffering with osteoporosis, arthritis, chronic back pain or surgery. Gentle controlled exercise designed specifically for you and your particular signs and symptoms are vital. This is where Mandurah Physiotherapy differs from the other exercise clubs. We will design a program which is specialized for your specific medical needs. And we adapt it along the way to ensure your recovery is optimal and in the shortest time possible. We use a range of equipment for this including fit-balls, strength machines, mats and Pilates equipment. At Mandurah Physiotherapy our on-site gym and pool is available for independent usage by those who are very familiar with their training program. This is an ideal way to utilize our specialist equipment, much of which is unavailable in normal community gyms and pools. Talk to our front desk staff for further details.
Gym Group Sessions
In order to save you money Mandurah Physiotherapy’s local rehabilitation gym and pool offer small groups gym sessions where you can train with your individualized program but under guidance so that we can continually modify and fine tune your program to suit you. Training with others is fun and motivational and there is always lots of noise and laughter from the gym. If you are looking for a fun and cost effective way to train, this is it. You will be supervised throughout the session and numbers are strictly controlled. We run physiotherapy gym sessions, and Clinical pilates group sessions.
Postural Assessment
Posture assessment is vital to understand your problem and the reason for your pain. This enhances what needs to be corrected and you will have a better understanding of the problem and how to correct it. Exercise is vital for posture correction but so is body awareness and education. At Mandurah Physiotherapy, we can provide all of these. Joint and muscle pain are very common and the local residents of Mandurah suffer this in many shapes and forms. The staff at Mandurah Physiotherapy are trained to provide fast and efficient diagnosis and relief, and to give you home techniques to reduce your pain. We provide same day appointments.
Women's Health and Incontinence
Mandurah Physiotherapy can help you with pre and post pregnancy, menopause issues, pelvic pain and pelvic floor incontinence. We are also able to assist with fitness in these areas. Leakage is a common problem that usually can be dealt with successfully conservatively and should not be accepted as a fact of life. Specific exercises and training can give you control in this area.
Remedial Massage Therapy
Massage or manual bodywork comes under the category of complementary or allied health in Australia. Remedial massage refers to several specialized techniques which locate and repair dysfunction within muscles, it also supports and accelerates the body’s own ability to heal. Massage is applied directly to the skin usually using oil, therefore the area to be massaged is unclothed. Stretching and moving the joints through their range of motion is often included in the treatment. Apart from making you feel great, there are many benefits of Massage that can improve your quality of life. Remedial Massage may be claimed through your private health fund.
Bio-mechanical Assessments
Bio-mechanics is the analysis of how you move. Mandurah Physiotherapists are highly trained in assessing not only how you move, but why and how we can fix the problem. A lot of injuries and pain can come from poor bio-mechanics.
Health Products
Mandurah Physiotherapy provide a range of Health Products including fit-balls, soft orthotics, supportive thongs, braces, supports, tapes, creams, heat packs, books and educational tools. We can order items in on request.
Work and Motor Vehicle Related Injuries
Following a work or car accident can make it difficult to get back to normal health and lifestyle due to the pain and debilitation. Mandurah Physiotherapy specializes in multi-area injuries by assessing each area and ensuring that a rehabilitation plan and program is set up to incorporate all the different facets of the client’s needs and concerns. We can provide a range of services including individual physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, clinical Pilates and rehabilitation gym work. Programs are set up with specific individual needs in mind. Some people train better individually, while others progress better in small groups. We can address these needs and ensure rehabilitation in a safe pleasant environment with optimal results. We keep in close contact with Medical Practitioners and Occupational Rehabilitation Providers to address any rehabilitation concerns. Our focus is to get you back to work with good function in the quickest time possible.

Mandurah Physiotherapy offers high quality health care in a range of areas. If you are unsure of whether we can help you, please contact us or ring our front desk, 9535 7439 to receive assistance. Serving our local Community of Mandurah to the best of our ability is an ongoing aim of the clinic. We hope to see you soon!

Home Visits
Our clinic does home visit appointments for those occasions when you are unable to get into the clinic to see us. These can take up to an hour and prices include travel, full assessment, treatment and management advice

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