Safe Sports Clubs are supported by Mandurah Physiotherapy in Mandurah.  We see a lot of sports injuries, some of which could have been prevented by improved club policies.

Children’s sports clubs have the responsibility to provide a safe environment for players, coaches, referees, and spectators, not only to reduce the potential for injury but also to meet legal duties of care.  For your club to create a safe environment for its members, you need to develop a plan.  Sports safety planning and implementation are not hard, it’s common sense.  It is not a one-off event, but a cycle of continuous improvement.  Changes to club personnel, playing rules, club equipment and facilities may require your club to provide ongoing education and training for club members.  Sports safety planning is about playing smart, being aware, being prepared and being active in promoting a safe sports environment for all.

The benefits for your club should include:

fewer and less severe injuries
lower insurance premiums
recognition for being a sport safe club
satisfied members and increased membership
well educated members and reassured parents
safety being used as a positive marketing tool for the club
A responsible and coordinated approach to sport safety

Sports Medicine Australia gives guidelines for developing and implementing a sport safety plan.  It includes checklists to find your club’s weak areas, a step by step approach to planning for sports safety and a case studies of an actual sport safe club. 

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