Physiotherapists treat a lot of sports Injuries that occur on the field.  The immediate good management of these injuries improves the prognosis of quick recovery.

Injuries that occur on the field need to be assessed properly for best results. A trainer, coach, GP or physiotherapist usually does this.  If the injury is severe then the player would be carefully removed from the field by stretcher if necessary and certain precautions may need to be taken if there is suspected neck or spinal damage.  All necessary equipment should be at the side of the field ready to be used immediately as needed.  Once off the field treatment for the injured player can commence.  If the injury is soft tissue in nature then the RICE procedure should be followed.  This consists of Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation.  Rest is important in order to give the injured tissue some time to settle and heal.  Ice occurs for 10-20 minutes regularly in order to minimise bleeding, swelling, and inflammation.  Compression can consist of a firm bandage wrapped around the area in order to control the swelling.  Elevation of the injured part is also important above the heart if possible in order to help drain and disperse the swelling.  Massage and alcohol should be avoided and will delay healing. Medical advice should be sought if the injury does not start to settle within 48 hours.  Examination and treatment of the injury by an experienced physiotherapist is a good start to optimal recovery.

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