Muscle and Joint pain

Muscle and Joint pain are common musculoskeletal complaints and need to be assessed for best results. The therapists at Mandurah Physiotherapy see a lot of these types of injuries throughout the body.

Muscles which contract to create movement can be injured, and become strained.  Ligaments around joints help control the available movement of a joint, and can be sprained if overstretched. This can make the joint unstable and create damage to the joint.  Cartilage and other soft tissues around joints are commonly injured and can be slow to recover.

Physiotherapy assists by speeding recovery, de-loading the affected area and helping you avoid specific activities that may be delaying the natural healing process. A full history of the problem, and testing of the area needs to be done before a diagnosis and plan for treatment can occur.  This will take approximately 40 minutes in the clinic.   Mandurah Physiotherapy uses a range of techniques to assist and speed up recovery including ultrasound, massage, acupuncture, interferential and exercise. A biomechanical assessment will often assist in what is occurring and why.

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