A ligament is a support structure around a joint.  Its function is to limit movement.  For example, the knee whose basic function is to bend and straighten with minimal rotation.  Without its ligaments, it would be very floppy with movement in all directions and you would be unable to place weight on the knee and therefore run or walk with ease.  Ligaments play a very important function in the stability and support of a joint.  Tendons, on the other hand, are attached to muscle, which is the contractile component of soft tissue so it helps to create movement. A typical muscle is attached at both ends by tendons, which are strong connective tissue that then connects to the bone to create a stable surface from which the muscle can contract against. So it’s function basically is to assist movement via the muscle action.  Both ligament and tendon are soft tissue structures and both can be injured during activity. However, the treatment of ligament injury versus tendon injury can vary considerably, even though they are both soft tissue structures. For best results get advice from your local physiotherapist should you injure soft tissue of any type.

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